Kristina Darling

Head of Design & Brand Strategy


Kristina Darling is an experienced designer and brand strategist with a demonstrated history. She has worked in Cincinnati’s design industry for over 15 years.Kristina Darling

She kicked off her career with a degree in Fine Art from UC’s nationally renowned college of DAAP. Her time there prepared her to help businesses through innovations in strategy and design.

Additionally, Kristina specializes in bringing order to chaos. This might involve repositioning and strengthening a client’s online presence. Other times, it could be project management or restructuring the internal operations within an organization. Most days you can find her walking around our office, rapping “if you have a problem, yo I’ll solve it!”

Kristina’s interests outside of the office are collecting stray animals, the great outdoors, sad songs, climbing walls, the color green and all things #darling.