Tamara Kowal

Head of Research

A digital product designer with 15+ years of industry experience, Tamara Kowal specializes in thinking both creatively and analytically about the user journey across all devices and finding compelling, effective solutions that meet customer and business needs.

Tamara’s expertise includes user interviews, surveys, brainstorming sessions, design meetings and research β€” utilizing any and all available tools to help inform product design decisions.

A few things about Tamara:

  • She’s passionate about user research and loves disproving assumptions β€” especially her own.
  • She loves collaborating, not just with stakeholders but developers, designers, interns, anyone and everyone… Great ideas can come from anywhere.
  • Her philosophy can be summed up as: β€œall boats shall rise.”
  • She likes salty black licorice…. because someone has to, right?