Think with Google | The Next Big Thing

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Think with Google discusses some of the next big ideas in digital marketing. Speaking to consumers, voice, privacy, and brand loyalty are all the next big things. Well, maybe not the next… We at Pixaura think these have been BIG THINGS for quite some time.

“Speaking to the needs of the Consumer is the Now Thing” –  Tiffany Warren, VP and Chief diversity officer of Omnicom

“Voice is the Next Big Thing in Marketing”  – Brian Benstock, GM and VP of Paragon Honda Acura

“Shift our way of working due to privacy” –  Christina Malcolm, iProspect

“Brand Loyalty and Performance Marketing” – Eric Rose, Associate Brand Director of Olay Skin Care

If you haven’t followed Think with Google before, you’re missing out on marketing insight and inspiration. We love hearing their reports on search trends and industry best practices. They’re also famous for their leadership approach, and they frequently dispense that knowledge. At Pixaura, we think it’s pretty cool to see an industry giant sharing what made them successful, and trying to bring us along.

Stay up to date with Think with Google and Pixaura for the latest in marketing research and digital trends. Or drop us a line if you’d like to discuss how Pixaura can use digital marketing know-how to help your business grow and prosper.