Instagram Challenges & How to Conquer Them

instagram woman holding balloons

Businesses seem to be baffled when it comes to Instagram. Many don’t utilize it, or brands make the attempt only to fizzle out after a few months. Instagram is vital to your business. We take a look at three three head Instagram challenges businesses face and how to address them.

It’s a new way to do social

Facebook was the guinea pig of social media platforms. The first mainstream platform to take off, people utilize it differently than other heavily used social platforms today. Now users are interacting with social platforms in a more restrained way, picking and choosing what is posted.

Instagram is no different, and as a business you want to be posting content that is captivating and unique. The Facebook approach to social marketing works for businesses…on Facebook. They aren’t seen as pushy or overwhelming because newsfeeds are already flooded with posts. Approaching Instagram, however, as a business can seem daunting. How do you stay relevant without seeming obnoxious? It’s time to pare down the posts and put thought into what you’re posting.

But, if you’re selling toilet bowl cleaner, what kind of authentic, inspiring posts can you actually cultivate? The answer? Plenty. Find your unique spin on your product. Although Instagram can come across as artsy and soul-searching, don’t be scared of humor. Intimidation is the only thing holding you back.

But Facebook Has More Users

Facebook may still have more active users than instagram, but younger consumers are the powerhouse behind Instagram. As older generations fizzle out, we can predict longevity for Instagram. Ask any teenager and they’ll tell you, Facebook is for their grandparents. Take a look at the numbers, but know how to interpret them.

It’s Photo and Not Text Heavy

You’re used to typing out the details for every post on Facebook, some may not even have pictures. Get ready for a 180. Instagram is all about the visual content. You *literally* can’t post without something visual (except in your story). Take this opportunity to flex your creative muscles and have a little fun! Users don’t want to be bogged down with a lot of details in posts. If you have something profound to say, by all means type away, but when it comes to products and services most of the time you’ll want to keep it short and sweet. If users need more info, add a link in your bio. Instagram is about connecting with your users as a part of their lifestyle more than pushing details of your latest sale.

Does It Work for MY Business?

This is the biggy. Many business just have trouble seeing their brand on Instagram, especially if it doesn’t seem to fit the mold. Let us ease your mind, there is a place for every brand on Instagram. Pixaura will find a way through pictures and videos present your brand as authentic, relevant and vital to your consumer’s lifestyle. Whether it be through humor, a humanitarian spin, touting you as the cutting edge brand that you are, we will make sure that you’re a relevant and engaging part of your fan’s Instagram feed.

There are Instagram challenges, and there are Instagram opportunities. Learn how to address and take advantage of this platform! Or let the digital marketing experts at Pixaura do it for you.