Use Topical Authority to Boost Your SEO Visibility


You’ve always heard that good SEO requires keyword optimization and a focus on creating high-value links. However, since Google introduced Hummingbird in 2013, these methods have become less effective when used alone. The algorithm may, in fact, deem them to be spam.

In other words, SEO isn’t a system you can game – you have to give people something valuable. If you try to trick Google into believing that what you’ve produced is good enough for them to rank it at the top of search results, Google’s algorithm will detect this pattern and lower your rankings.

This is where topical authority comes in. By focusing on a few topics and becoming the leading expert in those areas, you’ll see an increase in both search engine traffic and organic rankings.

What Is Topical Authority?

Topical authority is a metric that ranks websites according to the quality of information they offer. It can also be described as the depth of knowledge a website has on a particular subject.

For example, let’s say you manage a clothing website. Of course, creating content about women’s clothing would help with your SEO. But so would blogging about fall fashion and how to feel confident in what you wear.

That’s topical authority in a nutshell. You’re not just selling clothing. You’re becoming the most authoritative source of information on all things clothing.

Because people aren’t searching for one question all day, a website with topical authority is more likely to have content that answers their many questions and provides helpful resources. As such, Google will rank that website higher because it’s more useful overall.

The Characteristics of Topical Authority

In addition to relevance, topical authority involves originality. This means that while your content may be on a popular topic, it can’t be too similar to what other people write. Your website should cover your relevant topics in more depth than anyone else out there.

The content also needs to be credible. You can earn this by using facts, data, and statistics to back up your claims. Links from authoritative sites boost the credibility of your website as well.

As long as your posts relate to your niche and don’t appear to be copied from other websites, your website will gain authority.

How to Create Topical Authority

Consistently creating topics that your readers want to learn about, while incorporating important keywords, is the foundation for building topical authority in SEO. Find out what your target audience wants and create content that meets those needs. The “People also ask” section on Google is a great place to learn what other people are searching for.

When developing topically relevant content, make sure you’re using appropriate keywords in your title tags and metadata descriptions so they show up on search engines. If you do this right, it becomes much easier for people looking for information on your topics to find you!

Help Your Business Get Found

Now that you understand the relationship between topical authority and search engine rankings, it’s time to implement strategies for improving your website’s standing in organic searches. By hiring Pixaura to manage your company’s SEO, you can position yourself as an expert in your industry—and attract paying customers who are looking for someone with that expertise.

Contact us today so we can work together to create a content strategy that will help you build your online presence. We’ll take care of your digital marketing so that you have more time and energy to focus on running a business.