Top 5 Things Every Marketing Story Needs

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Capturing the imaginations of consumers gets more challenging daily. Studies show that people think 61% of the content they see is below standards. So you might wonder how your digital marketing strategy can rise above the fray.

Every successful marketing campaign begins with a great marketing story. That might sound daunting, but not if you use proven story elements. Read on to learn how to reach your goals with these five strategies.

1. Create A Hero

Every great tale needs something to identify with the reader. Yet, when involving people in your marketing stories, the hero should be them! Make your customer the most important aspect of your story.

Many marketing businesses online make their stories about the company or product. Some turn their product into heroes that save the day with their superpower qualities. But if you want your audience to relate to the story, they need to be at the center. 

2. Give Your Hero A Goal

Your digital marketing strategy revolves around the path your hero will take. Your customer hero will need something to strive for in your story.

Begin by outlining the problem your hero faces. Then, show the reader where they stand today and how much better life will become if they reach their goal.

Your marketing story elements create conflict, which entices the reader to move forward. The goal is to transform the hero through the problem with your product’s help.

3. Throw Up Roadblocks

Nothing creates conflict in a marketing story like obstacles. Define the issues standing in your hero’s path to reaching their goal.

Make your hero fight for a successful conclusion. Ultimately, they will feel a sense of accomplishment in tackling the issue head-on.

The most compelling obstacles are generally psychological in nature. Solving an internal problem makes your marketing story goals more valuable to meet.

4. Bring In The Calvary

Of course, people in marketing stories are just like movie heroes. In many of the best scripts, a guardian angel swoops in to help your hero save the day. For example, George Bailey had Clarence in his corner when all looked lost in ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’.

Your product becomes the gentle shove that propels your customer toward their goal. But remember, the mentor is always the unsung hero – and never takes center stage.

The most successful marketing story elements put the customer in the driver’s seat. Your product or service is the capable assistant that encourages your hero at the right time.

5. Give Your Marketing Story Meaning

Marketing story elements use the same principles as movie story endings. Your customer, the hero, has solved the problem with your help. Yet, the hero also learned a valuable lesson. George Bailey learned life is worth living no matter what the circumstances.

The moral of your marketing story is integral to your digital marketing strategy. Your customer retains the information with a memorable solution.

Use these marketing story elements to draw your audience to your product, and let’s tell your story together. Then, get even better results with our help by contacting us today.