What Is an Influencer? 5 Ways an Influencer Can Help Your Business

influencer recording a video on her cell phone

Digital advertising is expected to increase by 60% in the coming year. The past decade saw a significant rise in digital marketing as consumers switched to online shopping. 

In more recent years, some consumers have actually taken on the role of social media influencers. Businesses need to learn to leverage influencer marketing. To keep up, brands have had to revolutionize how they approach their marketing strategies. 

Keep reading to learn what an influencer is and how influencer marketing can grow your business. 

What Is an Influencer? 

Social media influencers are content creators who have a loyal audience of followers on their social media platforms. Businesses can use influencers in an attempt to persuade consumers to purchase their products and services. Brands equip influencers with free products and services in exchange for exposure to their followers. 

Influencers have spent time curating a pool of loyal followers – businesses just need to tap into this relationship.  Here are the top five benefits of using an influencer to grow your business. 

Boost Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to consumers’ ability to remember and recognize your business. Influencers’ content creation helps brands attract more attention from niche audiences. Brand awareness helps to boost sales and stand out against competitors. 

Drive Conversions 

Advertising is centered around the concept of converting digital leads into sales. Advertisers use conversion rates to track success. Companies use promotional codes and tracking links to monitor sponsored content’s effectiveness. 

A conversion is defined as the point at which a marketing message performs the desired action. Businesses can boost their profitability once they hire an influencer. 

Micromarketing Access

Micromarketing is an advertising approach that tends to target a specific niche audience. Influencer marketing makes it easy to tap into a specific audience. Social media influencers have built up their following to fit a specific niche. 

Gives Your Business Credibility 

Credibility refers to the quality of being trusted. Influencers have a pool of followers who trust them and will try the brands they promote. From a business perspective, credibility with your potential consumers can help you build a robust client base. 

Influencers are responsible for building trust and credibility with their followers. By leveraging social media influencers, brands can quickly gain credibility with audiences. Brands can tap into influencers’ pre-existing relationships through brand partnerships and sponsored posts. 

Connect to Influencer’s Audiences 

Paid partnerships with social media influencers can be a cheaper and more natural way to engage with niche audiences. Brands will send PR boxes and set up contracts in exchange for influencers posting positively about their brand.

Influencer marketing is rapidly growing as a high-impact and low-maintenance way to grow your business. Utilizing influencers’ pre-existing audience allows businesses to hone in on pre-existing markets.  

Use Influencers to Grow Your Business

Learning what an influencer is and how to best utilize them can help you grow your business. Influencer marketing can be an incredible way for businesses to boost sales. 

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