Small Businesses Need Big Websites


20% of new small businesses fail in the first two years of being open!! And that statistic rises to 45% after five years.

The main reason is saturated markets. More and more people are getting the opportunity to start their own businesses, making it difficult to stand out from the crowd.

One great way to do that is with a professional, high-quality website.

If you’re not convinced, here are the main reasons small businesses need great websites to stand out.

Credibility and Professionalism

Having a custom website brings credibility and professionalism to your business. New research suggests you have only 27 seconds to make a good first impression on a potential client. For many customers, the first interaction they have with your business is often the website.

A clean design, a tone that balances friendliness and professionalism, and memorable imagery are all quick ways to stand out against the competition and ensure consumers keep you in mind when it comes to making a purchase or soliciting a service.

It’s the Best Way of Laying Out Information

Gone are the days when a consumer might need to call a company with a list of questions. Websites provide fast, convenient ways for them to access everything they might need.

Businesses can lay out their services, location, pricing, contact information and more in an easily obtainable format.

Before websites, it was much more difficult time getting that information across. Businesses had to rely on billboards or the distribution of physical brochures.

The emergence of the internet means it’s much easier to reach a wider audience, and it’s just another reason not to sleep on designing a website.

It Brings People to You Through Search Engines

One of the main benefits of a website is another way it makes your business accessible to a wider audience — search engine optimization (SEO). 

With a web design that’s clean, fast-loading, and easy to read, you open up a lot of doors. Google’s algorithm loves websites that have the customer in mind. A highly functional site, combined with proper SEO architecture, can do wonders for boosting you in Google search results, soliciting more clicks from curious customers.

With strategic SEO, when people search for a product or service you offer, they’re more likely to come across your website than competitors.

There exists a variety of other SEO tactics you can employ to cement your place in Google’s rankings, like deploying keywords throughout your website that match a consumer’s potential search terms.

Successful Small Businesses Need a Great Website

In the age of digital marketing, a great website is not optional for anyone, even small businesses. At least, not the kind of small businesses that want to beat the competition. Professional websites can secure a credible and professional image and help you reach a wider audience, which brings more potential consumers to your product or service. 

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