Why You Need Professional Website Design

website design graphic

Do You Need A Professional Website Designer? Absolutely.

There is no shortage of services that let you drag and drop a website to your heart’s content. But what are you missing out on that professional website design can give you? We’re letting you in on three advantages when you work with a web development pro.


Sure, you can design a pretty DIY website. But have you thought about the back end work that makes your website more visible to search engines? It’s all about beating the competition and if you’re missing even one aspect of SEO (search engine optimization,) you’re basically invisible to Google. Are you meeting all of the HTML code and search engine success factors? If this sounds like a foreign language to you, you’re doing it wrong. Your on-page SEO fundamentals need to be up to snuff because this affects how search engines crawl and index your page. You definitely don’t want to get lost in the Google shuffle. Our website design experts take care of the nitty gritty for you.

Custom Design

Anyone can choose a template but is it going to serve your business goals? Are you encouraging online sales, lead generation or event attendance? A professional design agency creates custom, high quality solutions to meet your brand’s goals. Break out of the template box with custom graphics and text formats and get more customers. Also, an agency (*cough*, Pixaura) has the added benefit of working with a huge number of clients and seeing what works and what doesn’t in a wide range of industries. Let that expertise work for you.

Website Maintenance

Regardless of what many people think, a website is never finished. To stay relevant, copy and content must be updated regularly. Google wants to see new and authentic content added regularly and with that added content, it must be optimized to be used to your advantage. Additionally, technology is ever-changing and using a professional means that they keep your website up to date and running quickly and smoothly through any technological changes taking place.

You may be tempted to give Squarespace a shot, but as your business grows you will undoubtedly need a professional website. Look like a pro from the beginning and get your business off to a running start with a well-designed site from an award winning design company.