Will AI Take Over?

Overlord AI Robot: Dominating the City Skyline

AI is exploding and is on trajectory to be a regular part of our day to day tasks. And this is freaking some people out!

Is AI taking over? Let’s examine the basics. How exactly does AI differ from Google, and is ChatGBT the enemy?

Search Engine 101

Google and other search engines work by combing the web for content. These crawlers gather information about web pages, such as keywords, titles, and links, and index them in a database. When you enter query, the search engine uses complex algorithms to match t with relevant information in its index and displays the most relevant results to the user.

Ask a question and they will crawl through vast amounts of information for you. Taking into account your location, past searches, interests, popularity of sites and past behavior, they will instantly give you millions of search results, all neatly ranked and ready to use. It’s neat. It’s safe. It’s familiar.

How Does AI Work?

Instead of just searching, AI is generating. This freaks people out. Text, music, images, video, code, predictions, it’s all just a chat away. AI is also built to mimic human intelligence. Interact with a chat bot and you’re getting answers in full sentences and full on conversations. Systems work together within an AI system to allow it to reason, problem solve, learn from algorithms and over time, get better at what it does. 

The Future of Computing

If you’ve ever seen an AI movie, you may have residual ick from watching robots take over the world. Hollywood may have started us out on the wrong foot when it comes to AI. Being able to chat with a computer like a human and see it produce a symphony probably adds to it. But let’s remember the days when it was creepy that search engines tracked our every move online in order to give us better search results.

Is AI the future of modern computing? AI holds information for much longer than search engines, which have a shorter-term memory. Google will look at previous searches, while AI can analyze the entire historical data set related to the search question. Lean into the advancement. A self-aware program is at this point, a far-off theory. Instead, pop in some preferences and let it meal plan your week.