You Started a Business. Congratulations!

Man on his laptop late at night in office

You Brought Your Dream to Life. Now What?

You had an idea and you made it happen. You started a business! It took a lot to get here. But to paraphrase Robert Frost, you’ve got miles to go before you’ll get a full night’s sleep again. Or something like that. Truth is, you’ll work late often, and turn around to be greeted by an early morning too. You’ll be challenged, and you’ll be rewarded. You’ll have ups, and you’ll have downs.

We’re rooting for more ups than downs. To make that happen, you need customers. To get customers, you need to build awareness of your brand, and in today’s business climate, that will be most successful when approached digitally.

Digital marketing strategies are NOT a one-size-fits-all scenario. Your company’s customized plan will be affected by your goals, product, industry, target audience and more. However, there are certain commonalities every business will need to account for in developing their digital campaigns.

Target Acquired 

You can’t market effectively if you don’t know which customers you want. Users won’t organically find you very often – you’ve got to go to them, and that requires knowing who they are and where they spend their time. Identifying your customers and developing a strategy all starts with data. Don’t try to reach everyone; market to your target audience instead of landing your message with irrelevant groups unlikely to respond.

Your Presence is Requested

You need a website. (Stating the obvious.) A well-designed site improves your visibility, but needs to do more than just be informative. A multi-functional site gives users the brand interaction they’re after, while generating more leads and more sales.

Put Yourself Out There

Social media is more important and complex than ever. Effective social marketing increases your exposure, generates traffic, and develops loyal customers. Potential customers are using many social platforms, so meet them head-on with a comprehensive strategy that engages them across various media.

Don’t Get Lost in the Crowd

Search Engine Optimization is a must for your business. A professional audit will elevate your company when users search keywords related to your industry. This not only increases traffic, but gives the impression that you are an established company with a good reputation. Paid search marketing is a cost-effective strategy with an historically healthy ROI.

Building your customer base is an uphill climb, but a consistent digital marketing strategy can help increase your visibility. When starting a business, the right tactics will help you stand out from the crowd. Get out there and tell the world what you have to offer.  

Not sure how to start? Pixaura can help.