Your Digital Marketing FAQ’s Answered!

digital marketing questions

You have burning digital marketing FAQ’s. We have expert answers.


Can I just do my own SEO (search engine optimization)?

You CAN, but chances are a professional will do a better job. We know all of the ins and outs of the SEO game. It’s what we do. You may have your meta description and content game down but are you optimizing page speed and adding in your H1, H2, etc. content tags? There are so many pieces to the puzzle. We make sure you’re addressing the whole picture so consumers can find your site.

Can I just use a website template?

This is totally an option but let’s look at the pros and cons. Pros: It’s quick. It’s easy. Anyone can do it. Cons: A template may not meet the ideal needs of your specific business. Like, if you sell online you’ll have different needs than a non-profit. It’s not optimized for search engines. Templates are made to be pretty and easy, not necessarily be functioning and updating to give you the best SEO. As your business grows your template website may not be able to handle the needed pages. If you own a successful business your Squarespace site may not last you long. Working with professionals from the beginning means a website that’s working for you now and working for the long game.

Do my online reviews really matter?

YES. Time and time again we see business neglecting this key factor in nurturing their growing business. Search engines are taking online reviews into account, so it’s one more way to fight your way to the top of the SERPs (search engine result pages). Surprised? You shouldn’t be. Google works to give its users the best results and since users love online reviews, of course search engines are showing them some love. Don’t think one bad review can hurt? You’re wrong. 95% of consumers say a bad online review deterred them from using a business. You need to be cultivating good online reviews, making sure you’re showing up on the right review sites and always responding to negative reviews. Don’t let this huge part of your business fall through the cracks.

Why Google Ads?

The ultimate goal of digital marketing is to appear at the top of the SERPs organically. Want a shortcut? Google Ads it. In short Google Ads places you above organic search results. You can tailor and target specific audiences to capitalize on your ideal demographics, all leading to more traffic and sales. Our experts do Google Ads all day long and know how to word and manage your campaigns for success.

What type of content works best?

The answer to this question is tailored for each specific client and includes a mix of strategies. One thing to keep in mind is that super, salesy content tends to turn consumers off. If you’re building long-term, loyal followers focus your content on storytelling. The consumer wants to connect with businesses in a more authentic way than in the past. They want transparency and honesty. Stay away from anything too pushy. Instead, focus on your brand values, use humor when appropriate, share industry news and company culture. Build a relationship not a single sale.

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