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We are Calling Out the Top Three SEO Mistakes We See Clients Making

Not everyone is an SEO master, and we don’t expect you to be. That’s what we’re here for. We’re tackling the top three SEO problems we see and explaining why they are common issues.

Waiting Until After Your Website is Built

Many businesses make the mistake of building their website and THEN deciding it’s time to work on SEO. Hire the right team from the beginning to build your website, and save time and money. The right team will not only build you a killer website but knows their SEO game as well. Hey, we know a few of those people. Implementing SEO protocols after your website is built can be time-consuming. Instead, work with a digital marketing company well-versed in both website construction and SEO. This will not only save you time and money but get your business off to a running start with web pages that are fast and mobile friendly.

It’s About Tricks

If you’re just diving into SEO it can seem like it is all a gimmick. In truth, if this is how your marketers are approaching it, they’re doing it wrong. Search engines are constantly adjusting how they rank websites to bring users the most genuine and relevant results. They consistently tinker with their SERPs (search engine result pages) to spit out websites that are authentically promoting their business. In this day and age, trying to trick a search engine is an amateur move of the past (remember keyword stuffing?) If your digital marketing team knows what they are doing they will be working on using keywords when it makes sense, creating unique and relevant content, consistently adding new content and addressing the technical aspects of your website to improve SEO.

Anyone Can do SEO

Sure, you can take an afternoon and learn about SEO, but along with the copy, title tags, and meta descriptions, there are technical facets that you may not be able to execute, like optimizing internal links, structured data and site speed. It takes experience to develop a custom strategy and to realize SEO problems are not solved with a one size fits all process. What works for one client does not necessarily work for another. You want an expert team taking time to look at your brand, how it relates to your SEO, and streamlining it all to make sure that what you’re doing equals sales. A high Google ranking does not mean sales, and an experienced digital marketing team knows this. We help you tease out how to rank high and see sales.